The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog
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The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog

Welcome to my blog. When it comes to taking care of appliances, it can be an art. You have to use them correctly, know how to look for signs of trouble and understand how to do simple repairs. Hi, my name is Kelsey, and in this blog, I am going to write everything I know about appliances and related topics. This is my first blog, but I have written in many other types of venues before -- I'm even old enough to have had a 'zine (if you can believe that). I live with my husband, my three daughters, and our dog. Cleaning pet hair of of the dryer and repairing blades on the blender has become my specialty over the years. Enjoy reading!

The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog

  • Have a Sub Zero Freezer? See When It Desperately Needs Repairs

    27 August 2021

    One of the best decisions you can make when shopping for refrigeration appliances is buying a sub-zero freezer. The freezer is excellent because the technology used to make it has been improving for the past several decades. Besides, the freezer undergoes several rigorous quality and efficiency tests before getting released into the market. But even after investing in a top-quality sub-zero freezer, it might still develop problems and become inefficient. It is advisable to look for signs of a defective freezer and call a repair expert as soon as you realize it needs repairs.

  • How To Know If Your Washing Machine Needs In-Home Appliance Repair

    16 November 2020

    Having a quality, working washing machine in your house is probably fairly important to you, as it can be difficult to always have to take your stuff down to the laundromat and then sit there for a couple of hours washing, drying, and folding. If you want to avoid having to do that, you will want to make sure that you are aware of any problems that your washing machine might be experiencing.

  • Troubleshooting 4 Common Refrigerator Ice Maker Problems

    15 July 2020

    Buying a refrigerator with a built-in ice maker can be very convenient, saving you the time and hassle of having to fill up and freeze individual ice cube trays. Meanwhile, you'll enjoy having ice on-demand for all your favorite cold beverages. Unfortunately, refrigerator ice makers have many moving parts--and problems can arise. Before you contact a local appliance repair expert to schedule a service call, there are a few troubleshooting steps to try out.

  • High Humidity Levels: The Air Conditioner Could Be To Blame

    5 January 2020

    When you think of a warm day in the summer, the high temperature is only a part of your discomfort. It's the high humidity level that is at the core of your discomfort. For this reason, if there is an issue with excess humidity in your home, you want to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Learn why your air conditioner system should be the first place you look to resolve the issue.

  • When Your Dryer Stops Drying: 3 Potential Solutions To Explore

    13 August 2019

    Doing laundry is an all-too-frequent chore in most households. In fact, according to recent statistics, the average family does between 8 and 10 loads of laundry per week. With each load requiring just slightly less than 1.5 hours to both wash and dry, this means that laundry is taking up 12 to 15 hours of time each and every week. With this amount of usage, it is no wonder that laundry appliances — especially clothes dryers — occasionally stop working correctly.