The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog
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The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog

Welcome to my blog. When it comes to taking care of appliances, it can be an art. You have to use them correctly, know how to look for signs of trouble and understand how to do simple repairs. Hi, my name is Kelsey, and in this blog, I am going to write everything I know about appliances and related topics. This is my first blog, but I have written in many other types of venues before -- I'm even old enough to have had a 'zine (if you can believe that). I live with my husband, my three daughters, and our dog. Cleaning pet hair of of the dryer and repairing blades on the blender has become my specialty over the years. Enjoy reading!

The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog

  • How an Appliance Repair Service Can Help You Save Money on Kitchen Appliances

    21 May 2024

    In today's fast-paced world, kitchen appliances are indispensable. They simplify daily chores and contribute to a smooth-running household. However, like all mechanical devices, they are prone to wear and tear. When an appliance malfunctions, homeowners often face a dilemma: should they repair or replace it? This is where an appliance repair service comes into play, offering significant cost savings and various other benefits. The Cost of Replacing Appliances Replacing a malfunctioning kitchen appliance can be a costly endeavor.

  • Top Signs You Need To Have Your Kitchen Stove Repaired

    5 January 2024

    The kitchen stove is a crucial appliance in your home. It is where you prepare delicious meals for your family and friends. Without it, you'd have to revert to ordering food from outside, which can be a huge inconvenience. Over time, your stove may start malfunctioning, which will affect its performance and make cooking a nightmare. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top signs you need to have your kitchen stove repaired.