The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog
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The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog

Welcome to my blog. When it comes to taking care of appliances, it can be an art. You have to use them correctly, know how to look for signs of trouble and understand how to do simple repairs. Hi, my name is Kelsey, and in this blog, I am going to write everything I know about appliances and related topics. This is my first blog, but I have written in many other types of venues before -- I'm even old enough to have had a 'zine (if you can believe that). I live with my husband, my three daughters, and our dog. Cleaning pet hair of of the dryer and repairing blades on the blender has become my specialty over the years. Enjoy reading!

The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog

  • When Your Dryer Stops Drying: 3 Potential Solutions To Explore

    13 August 2019

    Doing laundry is an all-too-frequent chore in most households. In fact, according to recent statistics, the average family does between 8 and 10 loads of laundry per week. With each load requiring just slightly less than 1.5 hours to both wash and dry, this means that laundry is taking up 12 to 15 hours of time each and every week. With this amount of usage, it is no wonder that laundry appliances — especially clothes dryers — occasionally stop working correctly.

  • 5 Different Types Of Costs When Installing A Propane Tank

    2 April 2019

    When you install a propane tank to fuel your home, you have to do more than just pay for the tank. If you have been considering installing a propane tank, make sure that you understand all the costs associated with the project. #1 Install a Gas Line The first thing that will need to happen is the gas company needs to come out and install a gas line. This line will allow you to pipe gas from your propane tank into your home.