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The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog

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The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog

5 Different Types Of Costs When Installing A Propane Tank

Leevi Saari

When you install a propane tank to fuel your home, you have to do more than just pay for the tank. If you have been considering installing a propane tank, make sure that you understand all the costs associated with the project.

#1 Install a Gas Line

The first thing that will need to happen is the gas company needs to come out and install a gas line. This line will allow you to pipe gas from your propane tank into your home. You only want to hire a gas company that specifically trained to install this type of line for this task.

You can trench out the line yourself in advance to save a little money. This works if you know exactly where the trench needs to go. Or you can pay to have the gas company trench the line, which may add a little onto your installation costs. Most gas companies will charge per foot of line they install.

#2 Install a New Meter

Second, you need to have a new meter installed. This meter isn't sending information to the gas company, as you are purchasing propane in bulk. Rather, this meter allows you to see how much gas you are using over time. This meter will allow you to keep track of your own gas usage and see how much you are using.

The meter should also include a safety shut-off that allows you to turn off the meter and stop the gas flow into your house in the case of an emergency. Every gas line should be able to be turned off with an emergency switch.

A new meter is not that expensive; they generally run around a hundred dollars to both purchase and install.

#3 Concrete Pad

You don't put down a gas tank on soft grass. A gas tank needs to be put somewhere steady, which means you need to have a concrete pad to put the gas tank on. If you don't have a concrete pad, you will need to hire a concrete company to come out and pour you a concrete pad, or you will need to go the do-it-yourself route and pour a concrete pad. Keep in mind the concrete pad will need time to settle and cure before the tank is installed. This is a step you need to take care of in advance.

#4 The Propane Tank

You will then need to get a propane tank. This is not just a small propane tank like you use for hooking up a gas barbeque; this is a large propane tank that will hold enough gas to fuel your home for a while.

You can purchase a propane tank that you will then be completely responsible for taking care of. Most often though, people choose to rent a propane tank from a gas company. You pay a yearly rental fee, and the company you purchase your gas from is responsible for taking care of the tank.

#5 Fuel Costs

Finally, there are fuel costs. For the first delivery, you will be charged to fill up the tank. From then on out, you will generally have a contract to fill the tank. The gas company may come out once a month or on a set schedule to fill the tank, or you can call and have them come up when your supply drops below a certain level. Some propane gas delivery companies will allow you to get on a yearly subscription, so you pay a steady rate for fuel throughout the year instead of facing high charges in the winter time. If you are concerned about cost, see if you can get on a plan like this.

When having a propane tank installation on your property, you will have to pay for trenching a gas line and having the gas line installed. You may have to pay for a new meter. A concrete pad will need to be installed for the propane tank to rest on. You will need to purchase or rent the propane tank and pay for it to be filled up. Make sure you have money for all these expenses.