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The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog

Welcome to my blog. When it comes to taking care of appliances, it can be an art. You have to use them correctly, know how to look for signs of trouble and understand how to do simple repairs. Hi, my name is Kelsey, and in this blog, I am going to write everything I know about appliances and related topics. This is my first blog, but I have written in many other types of venues before -- I'm even old enough to have had a 'zine (if you can believe that). I live with my husband, my three daughters, and our dog. Cleaning pet hair of of the dryer and repairing blades on the blender has become my specialty over the years. Enjoy reading!

The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog

3 Safety Rules For Using A Space Heater

Leevi Saari

Many families rely on space heaters to heat their homes in the cold winter months. Unfortunately, if not used correctly, space heaters can be dangerous. If you are using space heaters this winter, here are some tips for safely doing so.

Select a Heater with Tip Over Protection

One of the most common causes of fires from space heaters is tip overs. Depending on the size of your space heater, it might be light enough to be tipped over by kids or pets. You could even bump into it accidentally and tip it over.

Tip over protection tracks the positioning of the space heater. If it is pushed over, it will automatically shut down. Some heaters even sound an alarm. The safety feature could prevent a fire in your home.

Get an Inspection

Before using the space heaters, you need to have them inspected by an appliance professional. Some problems that can occur with space heaters go undetected until after days or months of use. At that point, they could be a health hazard for your family.

During an inspection, the pro will make sure the lines are undamaged and replace any parts that need to be changed. In addition to that, they will check the safety features to ensure they are fully functioning. For instance, they will test the overheat protection to guarantee it does work.

Place the Heater in an Appropriate Place

The placement of the heater plays a role in its safety. Ideally, you should never place the heater near water. Water can increase the risk of electrocution if you are using an electric space heater. You should also avoid placing the heater in typically damp rooms, such as the bathroom.

You also need to ensure the space heater is not placed near walls, furniture, and curtains. You need to allow three to four feet between the heater and furnishings. The danger for a fire is not just limited to the front of the heater where the heated air is emitted. The back of the heater can sometimes be hot enough to ignite a fire.

Wherever you plug in the heater, ensure that you plug it directly into a wall outlet. Never use an extension cord. Extension cords can increase the risk of overheating, which can lead to a fire.

Problems with your home's heating should never be ignored, no matter the system you ultimately use. The professional who services your space heater or other heating system can provide you with other safety rules you should follow while using any heating system.