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The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog

Welcome to my blog. When it comes to taking care of appliances, it can be an art. You have to use them correctly, know how to look for signs of trouble and understand how to do simple repairs. Hi, my name is Kelsey, and in this blog, I am going to write everything I know about appliances and related topics. This is my first blog, but I have written in many other types of venues before -- I'm even old enough to have had a 'zine (if you can believe that). I live with my husband, my three daughters, and our dog. Cleaning pet hair of of the dryer and repairing blades on the blender has become my specialty over the years. Enjoy reading!

The Art of Appliance Service: An Appliance Blog

7 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Washer

Leevi Saari

How long do you expect your washer to last? According to Consumer Reports, you're looking at about a 10-year life expectancy for most appliances. But how do you milk those ten years for all they're worth? To start, knowing your machine and keeping up with repairs can help. Therefore, here are seven super easy ways to extend the life of your washer.

Level the Machine

If your washer is on uneven ground or if the legs aren't level, the machine could vibrate unnecessarily and possibly shake violently. This can not only damage the interior components of your washer, but it can also scratch your floor. Leveling your washer is pretty simple. Just place a bubble level on top of the machine and adjust the legs as needed.

Remove Lint

Dryers and jean pockets aren't the only lint collectors around. Your washing machine actually traps lint, too. Usually, clumps of lint will head down the drain, but in certain brands it might collect in the center tube where the agitator is.

To clean the lint out of the drain, run an empty load with hot water and bleach. To remove it from the middle of the machine, carefully remove the center tube and wipe with a damp washcloth. Also be sure to check for a lint filter at the top of the center tube. Often, these slide out to allow for cleaning. 

Clean the Surface

Cleaning the surface of your washer can help extend its life, but it's important to pay particular attention to the door and gaskets as they can collect soap, lint, and dust, especially in the crevices. Keeping these areas clean can prevent moisture from building, harboring germs as well as mold and mildew. Be sure to regularly clean all dispensers and attachments as well as regularly wipe the drum. 

Max Out the Loads

With a lot of models, washing with smaller loads makes the machine more likely to become unbalanced. Therefore, wash large loads as much as possible.

Avoid Detergent Residue

If you're like a lot of people, you love the smell of detergent and fabric softener. Unfortunately, using too much soap, whether liquid or powder, might lead to a buildup of gunk that can reduce the longevity of your washer. Try these tricks for getting rid of extra soap.

  1. Large loads are fine, but be careful not to overload the machine. This can prevent the soap from thoroughly dissolving.
  2. Use less detergent. According to washer repairman Vernon Schmidt, most people use 10-15 times more detergent than they need.
  3. With cold-water loads, dissolve the detergent in some warm water before pouring in the machine.
  4. Go clear. Colorless soaps are less likely to build up in your machine.
  5. Store powder detergents in a dry area. Anything you can do to keep the detergent from clumping up will help prevent detergent residue and extend the life of your machine.

Open the Door

When your washing machine is not in use, keep the door open so that the interior can breathe. This will help ward off mold and mildew. Just be sure to watch for curious pets and children.

Follow the Manual

Every brand of washer is different and will come with different instructions on how to use, how to clean, what kind of detergent to use, and how to troubleshoot. Be sure to follow the manual exactly, including load weight limitations and running cleaning cycles as needed.

Also, check for any specific recommendations on improving the life of your washer as each brand will vary greatly. To know for sure, just contact local appliance services like Goldman  Appliances Inc.